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TCA students will train and climb on a daily basis alongside staff and coaches. Climbing sessions might occur before, during, and after classes, depending on weather conditions. Morning workouts will rotate between core training, cardiovascular workouts, stretching/yoga, and hangboard/finger training, and will last between 30 -60 minutes. These workouts will be led by our coaches and will go towards fulfilling requirements for P.E. credits. During each quarter, students will fill out training logs, which will allow them to communicate their specific goals to the staff. These training logs will also be a daily opportunity for students to keep track of progress and a way for staff to give individualized coaching. As a school focused on athletics, we believe that to reach your climbing goals, you must be a well-rounded athlete on and off the rock. We understand that your goals are unique. Striving to maintain a program where all athletic aspirations are possible, TCA coaches select crags/sectors to meet these demands. 
Scheduled crag time will be dependent on weather, sun, heat, cold, and all of the other factors that can interfere with you achieving your best. We will not be on the rock everyday, but will focus our efforts on the weather windows and times of day when the rock will be at its best conditions. Core and finger training will be scheduled according to our climbing schedule, to allow for adequate recovery and muscle/skin regeneration. 



A semester with The Climbing Academy is gear intensive as we combine the art of living with international travel, academics, and climbing. It is important that students learn organizational skills as well as the importance of taking care of equipment and gear.

TCA will travel with a variety of group equipment including vehicles, trailers, cooking and camping supplies, academic materials, traveling library, and other program equipment. Group gear such as safety equipment (SAT phone, first-aid supplies, etc.) and academic supplies are also carried from location to location. Each student will be responsible for certain personal school materials including: binders, pencils, calculators, etc. TCA will provide the majority of the academic materials including textbooks. It is important that students learn our systems of organization in order to be an efficient team in domestic and international destinations.

TCA does not provide individual climbing equipment. Each student will be expected to provide his/her own climbing gear (shoes, harness, quickdraws, bouldering pad, etc.) as well as personal items such as tents, bags, clothes, sleeping gear, and other important items. Some group gear will be provided by the school. An in-depth list of gear is included in the Pre-Course Packet for each school  year/semester.

Students accepted into The Climbing Academy will be sent the Pre-Course Packet with list of the required gear for each semester in a check-off list format.



Our semester itinerary is developed with USA Climbing championship events in mind. While we cannot provide travel to these events, we will encourage participation and will make arrangements within each semester to get our athletes to 1 or 2 "locals" in order to gain pre qualification to the regional championships. Most semesters will end before the regional championship. Feel free to contact us with detailed questions about how we plan to encourage competition participation.   

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