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How we choose our destinations:

Our destinations will change each semester. A normal semester will spend one quarter in the US and one quarter internationally.

When choosing our semester destinations, we look for the following criteria to be met:

    1. Ideal weather conditions for the time of year, i.e., "sending temps."
    2. Availability/density of high quality climbs with a range of intermediate to elite-level difficulty. 
    3. For sport crags, modern bolting techniques with high-quality hardware.
    4. Hassle-free approach logistics to keep climbing time to a maximum.
    5. Good relationship with local land managers and route developers.
    6. Available cell signal.
    7. International buzz...or relative obscurity; both of which can make a crag special.



Check back soon for our list of upcoming destinations. Our 2016/17 itinerary is listed on the Program page.




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